• Come by it Honestly: Born into Bull Riding, by Sam Raetz
  • Wilderness, a River, and My Old Man, by Peter Hall
  • Blue Heron Lodge, Forks, WA
  • Westland Distillery: Seattle's source for single malt whiskey

Trade Stories: Eric Blinman, Archaeologist

Eric Blinman has been an archaeologist for nearly 50 years. He has worked throughout the western United States but has focused on the greater Southwest since 1979. Working for the Museum of New Mexico’s contract archaeology program since 1988, he is the current director of the office, overseeing salvage archaeology projects that deal with all periods of New Mexico history, from ice age hunters to the building of the first atomic bomb.


His personal research interests are the cultural diversity of Southwestern peoples, climate change and its impacts on ancient economies and societies, ancient pottery and yucca textile technologies, archaeomagnetic dating, and most recently the development of l...

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Trade Stories: Aleph Geddis, Wood Sculptor

Aleph Geddis, a wood sculptor from Orcas Island, WA, has spent the last four months in his carving shed working on a one-of-a-kind piece of art for our upcoming flagship retail store in Seattle. Utilizing hand-made tools and an unique style formed through an appreciation of North West Coast Native Art and travels around the world, Aleph, with the help of his carving team, has created a 18.5-ft testament to the wild spirit of the Northwest. We took a trip to visit him at his carving shed and find out more about his creative process, and what exactly went in to this particular piece.

How long have you been working with and carving wood?

I started carving seriously a little over 20 years ago as a...

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