• After Wildfire by Ashlee Langholz
  • Working the Earth by Becca Skinner
  • Mossy Oak® Gamekeeper Kennels by Sam Raetz

Filson 101: Campfire Cooking with Tipton Power

Tipton Power has worked on rivers for the last 16 years. He started out as a guide doing fishing and raft trips, and now works as a river ranger on the desert rivers of southwest Idaho. During the off-season, he and his wife operate a small blueberry farm in western Washington. He spends his free time fishing, floating, and riding snowboards. Amongst the dense greenery of the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State, Tipton shares the basics of cooking with a Dutch oven and details three of his favorite campfire recipes. 

The Dutch oven has been the ware of choice in outdoor kitchens for hundreds of years. It’s simple and versatile. It works as a pot, a deep fry pan, and you can make just about any...Read More

Chasing Wild Winter Steelhead with Russell Miller from Sage Fly Fishing


Russell Miller is the Marketing Coordinator for Sage and RIO Fly Fishing products, as well as a member of Team USA Fly Fishing. In the latest Filson Life, follow along as he recaps the extremes of the wild winter Steelhead season in the Northwest. If you're an angler, now is the time to get ready for the spring fishing season. Visit the Filson Flagship store in Seattle for a great selection of rods and reels from Sage, and head over to our events page to sign-up for upcoming in-store events to learn more about fishing in the great Northwest.



To put it simply, springtime on the coast is magical. The air is warm, you can smell new life budding out everywhere, and wild steelhead are running i...

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Shipbuilding in the Pacific Northwest with Haven Boatworks


There is a rich history of maritime pursuits in the foggy inlets and jagged shorelines of Washington State. From the hand-carved canoes of the Pacific Northwest’s original settlers to the welded aluminum hulls of modern fishermen, the shipbuilders and sailors of this region are known for resiliency at sea. Nowadays, many of the boatyards along Washington's coast have become specialized in traditional wooden boat building and repairs, unlike many East Coast counterparts. Areas like Port Townsend are well-known for this unique skill set, drawing more wooden boats there for repairs, and creating jobs for talented shipwrights in the region. Many of these skilled shipwrights work at Haven Boatwo...

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Trade Stories: Basket Weaving with Bernadine Phillips

Using the ancient methods created by the Okanogan-Wenatchi bands of the Colville Tribe, Bernadine Phillips handcrafts coiled cedar root, bear grass and wild cherry bark baskets. She has always had deft hands, beginning with years of traditional beadwork before learning coil weave basketry from her family. She searches the mountains for her materials, then prepares baskets over several weeks or months for use in berry picking. We had a moment to catch up with Bernadine near her home in Omak, Washington, and learn more about this inspiring art form.

How long have you been working with basket weaving and other traditional crafting methods?

I learned to make the coiled cedar root baskets about 22 ...

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