Celebrating Filson Fathers with Jillian Lukiwski

Jillian Lukiwski, also known as The Noisy Plume, describes herself as a gregarious hermit, bohemian redneck, silversmith, and photographer and writer in the interior West. As Father's Day approaches, we reached out to her to describe her memories of the outdoors formed with her Dad, who worked in the National Parks of Canada when she was growing up.



My father and I trailer two horses to Birdtail Bridge. I am six years old. We ride into a backcountry camp so my father can check on some hikers. When we arrive, I can see they are romanced by his mustache, uniform and tall sorrel gelding. They are also obviously charmed by me, perched like a tenacious burr on my palomino.


I dismount and walk ar...

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