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Field Guide: Winter Steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula

With sparse deserts and plains, sprawling coastal tidelands, and the only temperate rainforest in the contiguous United States, Washington is home to one of the most diverse climates of any state. For any sportsman or woman this translates to endless outdoor possibilities. A 3-hour drive from the Filson Headquarters in Seattle will put you knee-deep in slate gray water throwing flies for Steelhead, forging through a marsh with duck decoys in hand, or hiking along a basalt-rimmed plateau behind working dogs with a side-by-side. Throw your Waders, Tin Cloth Pants, and an Alaskan Guide Shirt or two in your duffle and hit the road in the AEV Filson Edition Wrangler with our Field Guide to Washin...Read More

Filson Field Guide: Spend a Weekend in the Olympic National Forest

With longer days and the pseudo-certain promise of sunlight, the Northwest truly comes alive in the summer. The myriad lakes, rivers, valleys, trails and mountains beck and call rain-weary residents with relentless vigor. In this incredible area, with only a weekend’s worth of time, you can secure a great amount of outdoor adventure with just a little bit of planning. One of Filson’s favorite destinations from Seattle is the Olympic National Forest, and with it the promise of old-growth hemlock and fir as well as awe-inspiring and unbounded views of this indescribable region.



With Friday afternoon looming, set your sights for Hamma Hamma Campground and t...Read More

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