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Words courtesy of Matt Wagner, the Director of Conservation Outreach and the Freedom to Roam Initiative in North America for WWF.For 110 years, Sarah Sortum’s family has called their ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills home. Originally settled by her great-grandfather, and eventually passed on to her parents, their 12,000 acre ranch continues to be a foundation of Loup County.But, the idea of handing down the ranch to Sarah and her brother, Adam Switzer, wasn’t always a given. You see, in this part of the world, there are no handouts. In order to take over the ranch, Sarah and Adam would need to buy the ranch from their parents – just as their parents had done.Unfortunately, the income opportuni...Read More

Can Fly Fishing Save the World with Mongolia River Outfitters

Peter W. Fong is a writer, editor, and fly fishing guide. His first novel, Principles of Navigation, won the 2012 New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series Competition. Can fly fishing save the world? Mongolia River Outfitters’ owner Mark Johnstad thinks so, and Peter --after working with him for the past eight years-- believes he may be on to something. Photos courtesy of Mark Johnstad, Peter Fong, and Marcelo Poo.Although my family once lived just across the Yellowstone River from Mark’s parents, we met in the valley where the Great Khan was born.The fish that call this river home resemble Montana’s trout in the same way that a killer whale resembles a porpoise. You can see the relationship—...Read More

Nick Stevens and the Washington Conservation Corps

Nick Stevens grew up in Seattle, Washington making art, exploring the city, and venturing into the abundant wilderness areas surrounding Puget Sound. In 2012 he graduated from Seattle University with a BFA in Photography and moved to Port Angeles, Washington to work for the Washington Conservation Corps and live closer to the mountains and the ocean.I joined up with the Washington Conservation Corps last October. The program is designed to give young adults job training, leadership skills, and some money for school. My crew operates out of Port Angeles, Washington.We split our time between trail work in the Olympic National Park and re-vegetation efforts on the Elwha River Restoration Projec...Read More

Up a Creek in Wallace, Idaho by Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis is the host of Adventure Journal and author of John Nosler – Going Ballistic, Black Bear Hunting, Hunting Oregon and other titles.

They took out the stoplight on I-90 in 1991 and the townsfolk in Wallace, Idaho, their feelings hurt by the freeway bypass, proclaimed a manhole cover the Center of the Universe.I remember the stoplight. We stopped for lunch in Wallace in the 1970s. I remember looking at the stream that ran alongside the road. It ran white with poison.Last week I packed my Filson duffle and headed to the Center of the Universe for a conference of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.Chub Eastman, who lives in Bend, Oregon, remembered Wallace back in the 1950s."When...Read More
Bob’s Sustainable Ranching Story - Filson in the Field Video, Wyoming from Filson on Vimeo.Bob Taylor, with the help of his wife Maggie and their daughter, Marisa, raise organic, grass fed, Black Angus beef cattle on Lonetree Ranch in Lonetree, Wyoming. An accomplished veterinarian (and one time host and focus of Animal Planet's Emergency Vet), Bob spends about 365 days a year applying a blend of art and science to the task of managing their land and animals in a way that considers the preservation of natural resources and protects natural ecosystems. "Because we believe it is the right thing to do, and because it is the best business practice for a sustainable future. "

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