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Wagons West: Exploring Palo Duro Canyon with Tyler Sharp

Tyler Sharp is a documentary photographer, writer, and filmmaker based out of Dallas, Texas. Traveling extensively on assignment, he has filmed and photographed a myriad of cultures and landscapes, and slept under the stars in some of the most remote regions of the world.  Today, Tyler explores Palo Duro Canyon, the "Grand Canyon of Texas," on a spring camping trip with his girlfriend Sage.

As winter loosens its icy grip, and spring begins to emerge in Texas, it’s a great time to explore places that will become oppressively hot in the summer months. As the old trail bosses used to say before a long cattle drive north, “load em’ up, and move em’ out!” So after packing the Grand Wagoneer full o...

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A Traveling Tradition: Halley and Bobbe Hit the Road

Halley Roberts is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon. No stranger to the outdoors and to travel, Halley and her mother Bobbe Besold took to the road -- revisiting one of their favorite family traditions.When I was five years old, my mother Bobbe plopped me, my books, The Talking Heads, Paul Simon and our stuff into our blue Toyota pickup truck and we drove to Zion. Since then we’ve driven across the country several times, to Canada, New York, California and Portland. Now we’re driving the continental divide, I’ll be 28 in three days, she’ll be 63 in three months.Saturday | Bobbe: We start out from Portland, following the Columbia River. Eagles. Ravens. Hawks. Waterfalls. As we get furt...Read More

Spend 4 Days Exploring the Shores of Maine by Canoe with Rhon Bell

Outdoor writer Rhon Bell of Backwoods Plaid and L.L. Bean, explores the history-ridden shores of Maine by canoe.Twenty two miles long and up to four miles wide. The third-largest body of water in a state with over 3,400 lakes. Maine is where it's at and this is where our adventure takes place. For the next four days my cousin and I will explore the shores, islands and waters here on foot, with our canoe and the fly rods. This primitive, western part of the state is full of mystique. Log drivers and lumbermen worked in these rugged woods for the last 200 years with nothing more than their leather boots, wool pants and more fire-cooked meals then they could count.Three hours on a dirt road is ...Read More

Ringing in the Pacific Northwest Summer with Jordan Butcher

Jordan Butcher is a designer and artworker living and working in Seattle. Originally from West Virginia, he grew up in the misty hills of the North Central area of the Mountain State, but has called Seattle his home since 2005. When not found exploring cities up and down the West Coast, or around a campfire, you can find Jordan at the Filson headquarters as an integral part of our art department.Living in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle to be specific, can be taxing in the winter. The overcast skies and the ever present dampness that bring a bone-depth cold for 3 to 4 months straight can begin to wear on your morale. But then something happens in the early spring.The clouds split, the sun co...Read More

Winter Wanderland with George Barnett

George Barnetts Polaroid photographs recount tales as timeless and storied as the woods themselves.  At only 20 years old, the Kentucky native offers furtive glimpses of not only the mystery found in nature, but also the inherent maturity.  Over the last 6 years of captured memories, Filson has become George’s weathered travel partner; a central subject in his surreal work as well as his means of toting cameras and equipment.  Follow George on a recent trek through the wilderness with his brother to a pristine area called "Rough River."My Brother and I set out for a camping trip.   A quest.  It's the middle of winter and snow is all around us.  We set out in his big red truck full of sleepi...Read More

Summer Camping Essentials from Filson

Tin Cloth Medium Duffle

A duffle designed for hauling in any condition, perfect for all your summer camping essentials. This tough, water-resistant oil finish Tin Cloth duffle is sturdy and quick-drying. Sportsman ShortsA go-to short for hiking and camping that’s exceptionally comfortable and breathable for summertime. Outfitter ShirtThis lightweight, long-sleeve shirt will protect you from the sun during the day and keep you warm at night. Redwood AnorakA shorter and lighter version of our 1922 Parka that is great for summer wear. As the sun goes down or the rain comes in, this anorak is a summer camping essentialKettle Luggage Tan BootsThese warm weather appropriate boots feature Filson's...Read More

Five Favorite Places to Camp with Jeff Thrope

Jeff Thrope of outdoor lifestyle blog, Cold Splinters, is always on the road looking for the next adventure and oftentimes the adventure finds him. His love and adoration for the great outdoors has made him the avid hiker and camper he is today. For those of you looking to load up the car and head out on a camping trip this summer, Jeff recaps his favorite camping spots in the nation.As I'm sure most of you will agree, telling someone the whereabouts of your favorite campsite in the woods/desert/canyon etc. is like sharing a treasure map with a pirate. Sort of. You just don't do it. It's your spot. In any case, here are a few of my favorite places to camp that aren't really that secretive. A...Read More

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