• Come by it Honestly: Born into Bull Riding, by Sam Raetz
  • Wilderness, a River, and My Old Man, by Peter Hall
  • Blue Heron Lodge, Forks, WA
  • Westland Distillery: Seattle's source for single malt whiskey

Bounty in the Big Empty: Chukar Hunting in Nevada with Larry McKurtis

Larry McKurtis is a writer living in Northern Nevada. He's an avid cyclist, hunter, and fly fisherman - all of which give him an excuse to travel and explore all over the west and North America. His blog Red Legged Devils covers his relationship with the American West.Desolation is a frightening word to the average person. It may conjure up gigantic vacant oceans or vast Antarctic ice fields slowly rolling back to the sea. The lonely and inhospitable reality that emerges from uniformity on such a grand scale can make the bravest person feel insignificant, and the feeling doesn't change when you grow familiar with such surroundings. The landscape I'm most familiar with is the seemingly barren...Read More

Afield Without A Dog: Hints for Dog-Free Hunting

While most serious upland hunters wouldn’t think of leaving their dogs at home, sometimes opportunities to hunt good land (or between big trips) are lost.  Plenty of other hunters may want to tackle upland birds but don’t have dogs, but that’s no reason to stay home.Words by David S. Lewis.Photos by Lee Kjos.While it may seem counter-intuitive, our hunting techniques can actually suffer when dogs are involved.  Rather than being focused on the hunt, we often spend time with rusty or unfinished dogs that didn’t get the pre-season time they needed so, instead of hunting, we’re checking the GPS or signaling to unresponsive beasts with no idea what they’re supposed to be doing. We also tend to r...Read More

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