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 Filson 101: Bird Dog Training with Ruggs Ranch

Gene Barnhart of Ruggs Ranch has been training world-class bird dogs for over forty-five years. Gene's love of working dogs runs deep, and he's handled them his entire life, hunting Beagles in his early years and then moving to Pointers. Now, you'll find Gene at Ruggs, training and conditioning over forty hunting dogs. Ensure success in the field this year using his dog training primer below.

First things first: your dog must have a good quality food to do a good job in the field. 
If they are working hard in the field, the right mix is 30% protein and 20% fat. You will need to use less protein and fat if they are an occasional hunter. Watch their weight, too fat of a dog will not be able to ...Read More

Chasing Ghosts: Himalayan Snowcock Hunting in Nevada with Larry McKurtis

 Larry McKurtis is a writer and amateur photographer living in Northern Nevada. He prefers sleeping in the dirt, pushing himself to delirious exhaustion, and getting to the marrow of the matter at hand. Aside from writing he's an avid cyclist, wood worker, hunter, and fly fisherman. These activities give him an excuse to travel and explore the American West and North America. His blog Red Legged Devils covers his experiences in the out of doors. We crested the 11,000 foot summit in a thick bank of clouds, the dog vanishing from left to right as she worked the plateau for scent. I was tired but the dog sure wasn't. She seemed oblivious to the five digit elevation and the many rocky, thorny mi...Read More

Prepping for the Upcoming Hunt: Dog Training and Performance Tips

For over two decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of owners how to train great bird dogs. As the hunting season nears, it's incredibly important to reinforce good gun dog training procedures and attempt to break bad habits. Below, find some of George's best tips and tricks on bird dog training. Training a dog does not have to be a Herculean challenge. Most often it takes more time and effort to fix a problem than it requires to train a dog from the get-go if the training is done right. 

I have outlined a few tips that will hopefully help with the training and performance of your dogs.

 1. Dogs learn by association.As trainers, we need to fully understand how strong the powers of associa...Read More

The Blueprint for a Successful Bird Dog Training Program with George Hickox

For over two decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of owners how to train great bird dogs. Today, George details the blueprint of a successful bird dog training program.

 The blueprint for a successful training program must be implemented in a timely manner and fundamental canine training principles must be adhered to in order to achieve the end goal.  Some of the bible principles I feel are important to guarantee the outcome are: 1.  Do not wait for the “pup to be old enough to train.”  Teaching the dogs to learn to learn is important and should begin early in the pup’s development.  Dogs that have not been exposed to new environments, other dogs, people, and learning to perform tasks ...Read More

Tricks of the Trade: 4 Helpful Hints for Dog Injuries in the Field

For over two decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of owners how to train great bird dogs. Today, he reminds hunters of 4 ways to prepare for injuries in the field. When spending time afield with your dog injuries can occur to your four legged buddy.  Listed below are a few helpful hints to help your dog until you can get him to a vet. 1. Carry a couple of heavy duty rubber bands while in the fields hunting or going for a hike with your dog.  If your dog were to run into barbed wire and cut the artery in his tongue the rubber bands can save the day.  By slipping a heavy duty rubber band over the dog’s tongue the flow of blood would be staunched.  It would be extremely difficult to tie ...Read More

Upland Bird Hunting in Eastern Washington with Elias Carlson

Elias Carlson is a 31 year old freelance photographer, graphic designer, and videographer from Seattle, Washington. He has a thing for mountains, road-trips, and his wife Theresa. He is easily distracted by moving water of any kind, especially the sort with fish in it.When he's not outdoors with a camera, he makes some pretty great things, for some pretty great companies using nothing but his mind and a MacBook Pro. Follow Elias on Instagram for more of his adventures.As a Western Washingtonian, born-and raised on the rainy side of the Cascade mountain range, Eastern Washington has always held a special allure for me. Over the years it's become synonymous with adventure, a place to escape to...Read More

Finding a Reason to Wander: Grouse Hunting with Blaine Peetso

Blaine Peetso is a mill worker in Northern Alberta and a self-described daydreamer. With a penchant for the outdoors and for photography, he created The Borealist blog as an excuse to capture images of his part of the world and to rearrange the alphabet as he sees fit. Follow Blaine as he finds a particular kind of beauty in his own backyard on a late Autumn grouse hunt. There are no mountain peaks on the horizon. No crystal clear rivers. No desert vistas or shore front beaches. It's just prairie parkland and boreal forest. All evergreen stands and dense aspen thickets full of thorns and tangled underbrush, with stunted black spruce and muskeg mingled in. The only break in the landscape are ...Read More

Developing Gun Sense with George Hickox

For over two decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of owners how to train great bird dogs. Today, George describes the importance of establishing gun sense with your young hunting dogs.

Photos courtesy of Martha Graffis.

We have waited impatiently all year for the opening of the upland bird seasons.  Before taking Pupster out for his inaugural hunt ensuring he is completely gun broke is of paramount importance.  Below are 4 of the do not’s when it comes to dogs and gunfire.  Happy hunting and stay safe.

1. Never take a dog to a hunt that has not had birds shot over him in training previously.  My friend Jerry recounted an incident where a client came from a far distance to experience a w...

Read More

Hunting with 3 Generations of DeYoung by Rudy Malmquist

Rudy Malmquist is a photographer and web designer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Follow as he documents a DeYoung family tradition on a rainy, late-season hunt. 3 generations of the DeYoung family sweep a sorghum field on a rainy late-fall morning in West Michigan.Perry DeYoung grew up hunting & fishing with his father, Darwin.  Almost every free moment he had as a child was spend outside in the woods.  He was outdoors so much that he doesn’t have many memories of Saturday morning cartoons like most of us, but of being dragged out of bed at o’dark-thiry to duck hunt, pheasant hunt, or fish.  During this time, he developed a great respect and love of the outdoors that he is passing down to...Read More

Opening Day Preparation by George Hickox

For over two decades, George Hickox has shown all levels of owners how to train great bird dogs. Today, George outlines pre-season preparation for your hunting partner so that you both can be ready for opening day.

The kaleidoscope of autumn's palette will soon be soaked in by hunters awaiting the opening of this year's wing-shooting season. The old shotgun that never misses will be cleaned, boots will be oiled, decoy anchor lines unraveled, and the attic scoured in search of that treasured Filson vest that Grandpa retired and passed on. Hours will be invested on the sporting clays range during the evenings and more than a few Saturdays and Sundays. That left-to-right crossing shot is not goi...Read More

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