[gallery royalslider="4" ids="4912,4894,4895,4897,4899,4898,4900,4902,4903,4904,4905,4906,4907,4908,4910,4911,4913,4915,4916,4917"] Tommy Monette, our Sales Representative for the Rocky Mountain area, always finds time to leave the city lights of Denver behind. He grabs his bike (complete with custom Filson upholstered seat), wrangles up his crew, and heads out to remote(ish) areas for some old-fashioned R&R. His latest outing was complete with fishing, friends, flasks of whiskey, and a run-in with "Big Craig," one of Filson's biggest supporters.Photos courtesy of Adam Bove.We like to go on moto-camping trips every once in a while, usually for a few days at a time, and we try to hit a differ...Read More