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From Birmingham to Bellingham with Photographer Ryan Russell

Ryan Russell is a music photographer hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. Over the past 13 years, he's shot some of the biggest acts in rock including Paramore, Manchester Orchestra, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day and Blink-182. Recently, Ryan picked up from his home in Alabama and moved to the Pacific Northwest near Bellingham, Washington. He decided to document this experience of a cross country drive and his first month living in Washington in his upcoming travel photobook, Continental Obscura: From Birmingham to Bellingham. Here is a photo excerpt from the first month living in Washington. The book will be available this winter, purchase your copy here.The first thing that struck a chord wi...Read More

Northwest Washington: Swinging Flies on the Skagit

Gary Lewis is the host of Adventure Journal and author of John Nosler – Going Ballistic, Black Bear Hunting, Hunting Oregon and other titles. Flick flies towards the Skagit River in Bellingham with Gary in his latest adventure.For a Valentine's Day in the early 1970s, my mom bought my dad a little book about steelhead fishing by Enos Bradner. Mom inscribed a note to dad on the inside cover. I found it in their bookshelf a few years later.Bradner's was the first outdoor book I read and it helped start me on a life of steelhead fishing.Decades later, in 2009, I was presented with the Enos Bradner award by the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association, an organization Bradner helped found. I knew o...Read More

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