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When It All Goes Wrong, Go Fish for Snapper

Words and Photos by Judith O'KeefeOn a recent trip to the Florida Keys, I didn't fish for bonefish or tarpon, I fished for snapper.  It seems I was a bit early for tarpon and we just didn't spend much time on the flats looking for bones.  It was a wonderfully warm, blessedly windless week, and it just made sense to venture out into deeper water to snorkel and fish for food.When most of us think about a trip to the Bahamas, Belize or The Keys, we think about fishing the flats or a day on the front of a boat in search of tarpon.  There is something adventurous and romantic about stalking bonefish or permit, or fooling a tarpon into believing that your red and black deceiver fly is lunch.  We’v...Read More

Filling the "Dry" Season with Judith O'Keefe

So what’s an angler to do when the winter wind blows and the water temps chill you to the bone?  Yes, there are steelhead to chase.  And if you don’t mind standing in a cold river all day, knowing you might never hook, much less land, a fish, then be my guest.  But what if your body just aches for some warmth and some sunlight?  Then you find an excuse to take the family to the Bahamas.

My mother-in-law’s 80th birthday was a fine excuse.   And Long Island, one of the “out” islands in the Bahamas, was the perfect place to spend a long week.  I’ve visited more than a half-dozen islands in the Bahamas, and I have to say Long Island is one of my favorite islands simply because it offers so many w...Read More


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