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Close to Home: Fishing McCloud Run with Justin Meyer

Justin Meyer runs the online store for Badowers, an Iowa-based Filson retailer.Photography by Justin Meyer and Austin Day When most people think about trout fishing, they likely picture the snow-capped mountains of Montana with winding, glassy topped, spring fed streams loaded with 22" brown trout rising to gulp a caddis. Trout fishing is supposed to be sexy, right? A River Runs Through It stars Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer for goodness sake!  While those Montana mountains might be the typical images of that come to mind, my home waters, The Driftless, carry a different beauty. Limestone-bedded spring creeks slope through picturesque cow pastures, brimming with vibrant brook trout. My attrac...Read More

Fishing the Driftless in Iowa with Badowers

Follow our friends from Filson retailer Badowers on a weekend fishing trip through Iowa. Words by Kevin from BadowersPhotos by Justin Salem Meyer When I was 19 I fell in love with Iowa. It stopped just being the place I was born, where I’m from, where I live. I was given a copy of the Iowa Sportman’s Atlas. I have spent many days since chasing fish in the rivers and streams.  More importantly I realized how many interesting people and places exist between the two great rivers that border the state.  We spent a weekend in April trout fishing the Driftless area of Northeast Iowa.  This is part of a series highlighting the people, places and products that make Des Moines, and Iowa, special. 

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