Introducing the C.C. Filson Collection

We're pleased to announce the brand-new C.C. Filson Collection in collaboration with Nigel Cabourn, who was invited to create special-edition outerwear for Autumn 2014. C.C. Filson combines the quality standards of Filson manufacturing and its 117 years of history with modern-day functionality. With over forty years of experience in the apparel industry, Nigel Cabourn uses his firsthand knowledge of outerwear from the cold, windy climate of northern England where he’s based. Cabourn is a true specialist in outerwear, making him a choice partner for C.C. Filson. The Autumn 2014 C.C. Filson line consists of outerwear pieces aligned with our past, namely a 1930s vintage Filson Cruiser that insp...Read More