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Red Slashed Gills and Yellow Days: Late Summer Cutthroat Fishing in The Rockies

Blaine Peetso is a mill worker in Northern Alberta and a self-described daydreamer. With a penchant for the outdoors and for photography, he created The Borealist blog as an excuse to capture images of his part of the world and to rearrange the alphabet as he sees fit. Follow Blaine as he spends the last days of summer chasing Cutthroat through the yellowing aspens of the Rockies. There are few better places to spend the end of summer than in the high country. The mountain peaks are dusted in snow. The aspens have yellowed. Everything is bathed in that magical autumnal light. And there are Cutthroat feeding eagerly in the cold clear freestone streams they call home.Sure, Browns are trickier....Read More

Getting in to Wild Cutthroat in Durango with Justin Meyer

Join Justin Salem Meyer -- a fly-fishing enthusiast, photographer, and web designer based in Des Moines, Iowa -- on a trip to Southern Colorado in search of wild Cutthroats.I made my way to southern Colorado in search of wild Cutthroat trout. My friend Andy, from Duranglers took us out to one of his favorite undisclosed spots. Maybe it is because I am from the flat-lands so hiking in 2 miles, down at least 1000ft. was brutal. But we were handsomely rewarded when we got onto the stream. I won't soon forget wet-wading a cold mountain stream, catching wild cutty's on a local favorite, the chubby Chernobyl with a hairs ear tied below.I probably landed 12 fish, the biggest being 14 inches. Andy m...Read More

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