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Trade Stories: Exploring the American West with Painter Nicholas Coleman

Nicholas Coleman was born in Provo, Utah in 1978.  Brought up in an artistic home, Coleman has been painting and drawing for as long as he can remember. Coleman has found much of his inspiration in his travels across North America, Canada, Europe and even into Africa. Hunting and fishing along the way his interest often include exploring hidden streams and valleys looking for signs of wildlife. He gained an appreciation for the subtle details hidden in plain sight. In his own words he wants to "preserve the heritage of the American West."



How did you start painting Nicholas?


I have fond memories of visiting my dad’s studio at a very early age and begging him to let me paint on his paintings...

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Left of West: Forest Woodward Explores the American West

Photographer Forest Woodward sets out in a recently purchased -- and barely running -- '77 International Scout to discover what's left of the pioneering spirit in the American West. Along the route, a long stretch of highway from Southern Utah to Northwest Montana, Forest and his co-pilot Jessica Lowe are privy to roadside breakdowns, run-ins with remnants of the real West, and incredible scenery awash with history. Below, follow their documentation and insights in to what is truly Left of the West.Eureka, UT || Picked up an old '77 Scout down in Southern Utah figuring it would carry us North to Montana to begin a photo project exploring what's left of the pioneering spirit that drew America...Read More

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