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Filson 101: What Makes our Rugged Twill Luggage So Rugged?

 Bridle Leather:  We choose to use the highest quality bridle leather. It's finished and smooth on both sides, as it must be comfortable next to the horse's face. It's subject to high loads and twisting, so it's incredibly strong. It's out in the weather for years, and it's proven to stand up to the elements. It has character and becomes even more beautiful with age.Fittings of Brass:  It's strong under heavy use, and takes nicks and abrasion with ease. It won't rust, so it stands up to wet and harsh weather conditions. It's lustrous; pleasing to the eye and the touch, with a finish and beauty that lasts for years.Rugged Twill:  It's an extremely heavy, tightly woven fabric that starts out s...Read More

Mikael Kennedy's 5 Favorite Places in America to Photograph

Photographer and adventurer, Mikael Kennedy, takes us on an insightful journey through his favorite places to photograph in the US. We’re biased to the Oregon coast, of course!I was asked recently what my 5 favorite places to photograph. The simple answer is anywhere on the road; give me 2 lanes of black top, a camera and a car, but to break it down further here are my 5 favorite places.In California I tend to shoot up and down the PCH aimlessly. Last time I was west I based out of San Francisco and just rode the coast for days, 100 miles north, 100 miles south, 100 miles north again. Second on the list is easily New Mexico but it could be anywhere in the South West. They say there is someth...Read More

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