• After Wildfire by Ashlee Langholz
  • Working the Earth by Becca Skinner
  • Mossy Oak® Gamekeeper Kennels by Sam Raetz

Trade Stories: Anna Gulickson of Kenmore Air

Anna Gulickson is a pilot at Kenmore Air with over 14 years experience at the helm of a plane. At five years old, she was visiting her aunt and uncle on Thetis Island, British Columbia, when she saw her first de Havilland Beaver floatplane at the dock of the marina; she's been infatuated with flying ever since. We caught up with Anna while she ran through routine maintenance on an aircraft, and discussed her lifelong work. What is working with Kenmore Air like? For me, working for Kenmore is a dream come true. I knew since I was little that I wanted to fly floatplanes in the Pacific Northwest, and I knew Kenmore was the place to do that. From my freshman year of college onward I was emailing...Read More

December on the Wind: Welcoming Winter in the North Atlantic

In the latest Filson Life, Jonathan Levitt and Muwin Collective ramble along the North Atlantic coastline preparing for the upcoming cold season.Nov 10The garden is covered in straw and seaweed. It gets dark so earlywe cook, we bring in wood, we ramble, and we scoutChores are done. It is warm inside, the soup warms over the fire.And now, for the first drink of the day. Strong honey beer. Poured from the jug into a clay mug.They are the dog people, the porcupine eaters, the garbled talkers, the beautiful river people,

Nov 12I wake up in the night. I step outside. The moon is in the south, high in the sky.The foods, smoke dried, stored away.

If there is more food, they dig another pit, and line ...Read More

The Time of the Harvest: Mushroom Foraging with Jonathan Levitt

Jonathan Levitt lives on an acreage near the village of Ducktrap, Maine. There, in Ducktrap, and on the islands of Penobscot Bay, early fall is the time of the mushroom harvest. The Trumpet of Death, The Dancing Signorina, The Pollo of the Woods, The Bear's Head, The Little Red Fox -- all of the wonderful mushrooms.

7 Days of Salmon and Camping with Evan Lane

Evan Lane is a photographer and director based out of Los Angeles. Last week, Evan and his girlfriend Kayla set out on a road trip across Vancouver Island. The plan? To spend 7 days traveling, eating what they were able to catch along the lakes and oceanfront, and camping wherever their Jeep Wrangler (complete with Treeline Outdoors Tent) led them. A few words from Evan on the journey:Tofino was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Thick, lush forest meets the ocean where giant uprooted pine trees are washed ashore. The beach just goes on for miles and miles. It's such a surreal location. The whole experience was very humbling and intimate.We camped at Pacheedaht Campground, which is l...Read More

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