• After Wildfire by Ashlee Langholz
  • Working the Earth by Becca Skinner
  • Mossy Oak® Gamekeeper Kennels by Sam Raetz

In Your Words: A Filson Love Story

‘In Your Words’ explores the incredible stories we've received from Filson fans across the globe.  Send us your own experiences with our clothing or product here for a chance to be featured on the Filson Life blog.  Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Elizabeth and John, two people who intend to pass the test of time together. Congratulations to these two loyal Filson customers on this landmark occasion.My love story was better than I ever could have imagined, which is how I think it's supposed to happen if you want it to be right.  It started as a crush, involved him running into a tree when looking my direction, and ended up with the best wedding I could have dreamed up.  It's been a yea...Read More

Throw Back Thursday: Vintage Alaskan Guide Shirt

"I have been a life long Filson man.  I am a 70 year old retired commercial fisherman and a full time commercial shell fisherman, fishing 200 plus days a year.  I demand the best gear I can buy.  Ten years ago I purchased this cotton shirt, 1,800 day's worth and 1,000 washes give or take a few hundred.  This shirt has not lost a single button.  I have been sewing buttons on my shirts for 50 years.  When I cut the sleeves off this shirt  I kept them for they still had their 4 buttons!  I finally threw out the sleeves knowing that I would never lose a button from this shirt." -- Eddie Reid, South Chatham, MA[gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2469,2473,2463,2476,2465,2466,2477,2478,2474,2471...Read More