• After Wildfire by Ashlee Langholz
  • Working the Earth by Becca Skinner
  • Mossy Oak® Gamekeeper Kennels by Sam Raetz

Unfailing Dads: Like Father, Like Son

Our fathers have endured many early mornings and painstaking days teaching us how to cast a fly rod, fell a tree, and to safely handle an over-and-under; and we couldn’t be more grateful. With Father's Day right around the corner, it feels fitting to return the favor and share stories of appreciation for the men who introduced many of us to the great outdoors. Today, photographer Adam Baz --a true friend of Filson-- documents a fly fishing trip in Oregon with his father for Filson Life.It's funny, for as long as I can remember I have resisted my father's influence. And yet he, more than almost anyone I've ever known, has shaped the person I've become. As a teenager I formed a set of values a...Read More

Fishing for Hawks: Trapping Raptors with Adam Baz

Adam Baz is a bird biologist, photographer, and outdoorsman based in Portland, OR. His fieldwork studying bird populations takes him throughout the mountains of the west. The photo essay below takes us through a day on the job, trapping hawks on the slopes of Mt. Hood.

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