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Guinevere's First Grouse: Learning to Hunt in the Olympic National Forest

Patrick Colleran has spent summers exploring the Wilderness of Oregon, Montana, and Idaho as a Wilderness Ranger and backpacking guide. Alison Riley is a former hiking and rafting guide who had more bird dogs than friends growing up in rural Vermont. It wasn’t until right before Guinevere, the 11-month old Wiredhaired Pointing Griffon was born, that they started bringing shotguns into the mountains to hunt birds. Recently moving to Port Townsend from Missoula, MT, the three of them have been exploring their new backyard and learning how to hunt the elusive forest grouse of the Olympic mountains.


Much of the Olympic range is protected as Wilderness either managed by the National Park Service ...

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GUEST BLOG: Scott Linden, Going Solo

Scott Linden of Wingshooting USA is a dear friend of Filson who has taught us many shooting tips and lessons in the field over the years. Scott helps us find more birds by scoping out their water sources in today’s lesson.Bird hunting is tough. Tougher without a dog. If you’re between dogs – or for some unfathomable reason choose not to own one, you’ll find more birds by thinking like a fisherman and trolling for them.Game birds would often rather sit tight than fly if they think you'll pass by. Given the choices (run, fly, or freeze), holding still is a pretty good option. No avian predators, no teeth, fangs or claws can wreak their havoc when you’re hunkered under a buffalo berry bush.So m...Read More

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