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In the Fall: Fly Fishing Washington State's Hidden Gems

Before trucker hats were a fixture of his wardrobe, Paul Moinester spent years wearing a suit and tie championing major conservation initiatives as a senior legislative aid in the U.S. House of Representatives. Tired of being an armchair-conservationist, Paul escaped from his deskbound life and spent the next two years wading waist-deep into endangered waters across the United States and Ireland.

Now based in Seattle, Paul runs Last Frontier Strategies, a collective of outdoorsmen working to address some of the planet’s most significant conservation challenges, and Moldy Chum, one of the most heavily trafficked fly fishing blogs on the planet. Below, follow Paul, his new pup Wilma Jean, and ...

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Fly Fishing on the Outlaw Trail with Michael Cevoli

Photography by Michael Cevoli. Michael is a commercial and documentary photographer. A graduate with honors of both the bachelor’s and the master’s program at the Rhode Island School of Design, he lives in southern New England.  Words by Grant Smith. Born in Butte, Montana, raised in the prairies nearConrad, Montana, and pursued his secondary education in Rhode Island. Hehas worked as a small-town newspaper editor, a commercial fisherman, and afarm hand. Mike Cevoli and I have always embraced the harsher aspects of life. This shared pursuit of adversity formed our friendship. During late night conversations in dank Rhode Island bars we bonded over tales of personal failures and shared anecdo...Read More

Brian McGeehan on Fly Fishing in Central Patagonia

Brian McGeehan leads annual hosted trips to Patagonia and is the owner and outfitter of Montana Angler Fly Fishing in Bozeman, MT.  He has been guiding fly fishing trips in Montana and Colorado for 18 seasons.  Montana Angler offers trips to both Chile and Argentina and works with a variety of lodges in South America.When you have a conversation with an avid angler that has travelled the globe in search of wild trout a few locations quickly surface: Montana, Alaska, Kamchatka, New Zealand and Patagonia.  Each destination has its own allure and I have had the good fortune of visiting all of them and make my home in Montana as a fly fishing guide and outfitter.  Of the locations listed above M...Read More
http://youtu.be/QWCGZYbzsIcTyler Sharp is a writer, photographer and filmmaker based in Austin, TX. He’s currently working to preserve the Chisholm Trail and pass Bill HR2849 which would designate the trail as a National Historic Trail. You can learn more about Tyler and the Chisholm Trail Project at www.tylersharp.com After three days of wonderful fishing, humbling scenery, and the best kind of fellowship this world has to offer, it was time for my father and his friends to formally do what they had set out to do; honor their friend. They had all promised each other at Zimmys’ funeral that they would do something symbolic; something that honored his spirit, and his profound love for the Par...Read More

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