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Fly Fishing the American West with Tyler Sharp

Tyler Sharp is a documentary photographer, writer, and filmmaker based out of Dallas, Texas. Traveling extensively on assignment, he has filmed and photographed a myriad of cultures and landscapes, and slept under the stars in some of the most remote regions of the world.  Today, Tyler explores the American West in Montana with a fly rod and his family. There is something very mystical about the American West, where the spirit of the wilderness is still alive for those who know where to find it. It is a place that quiets my mind, soothes my soul, and gives me strength. The honor and tradition of the old ways, which are harder and harder to find today, still exist there. In this same spirit, ...Read More

Extinctions of the Pleistocene: Ice Fishing in Maine with Jon Levitt

Photographer Jonathan Levitt lives on an acreage near the village of Ducktrap, Maine and spends much of his time roaming the inlets and islands of Penobscot Bay. In his latest Filson Life, Jon explores the remnants of the "Ice Age" in a photo essay from an ice fishing trip for smelt with friends.


"Trout Don't Live in Ugly Places" with Scott and Ashlee O'Malley

Photos by Scott and Ashlee O’Malley of The O’Malleys. I once had a fishing guide tell me, “trout don’t live in ugly places.” Nowhere is that more true than Central Idaho’s Big Wood and Sawtooth Valleys. My dad and I have been fly-fishing these waters together for more than 15 years. It’s where I learned to fish and where I love fishing most.  As my love of fly-fishing has grown over the years, together we’ve explored the endless waters of these valleys; the freestone rivers, spring creeks and high mountain lakes.

While one of my favorite challenges has always been match-the-hatch dry fly fishing on spring creeks my other has been winter fishing. With no hatch to match and a river to yourself...Read More

Winter Steelheading on the Snoqualmie

 There's nothing like winter steelheading. The search for the elusive slivers of chrome in dark green water is wrought with frustration, undeniable joy, and constant anticipation. Much like panning for gold, it's an exercise in determination and persistence, and offers comparable bounty to those who show commitment to the cold. As our breath collected in clouds and frozen rain fell on a late December morning, we pointed the car east towards Fall City, Washington. We drove on with hopes of landing some silver on the Snoqualmie River. Alas, the fish had different plans that day.  

Fly Fishing on the Keno Reach with Gary Lewis

Gary Lewis is the host of Adventure Journal and author of John Nosler – Going Ballistic, Black Bear Hunting, Hunting Oregon and other titles. Chase rainbows on the Upper Klamath with Gary in his latest adventure.In the six-mile stretch below Keno Dam, the water is stained with the proteins of the big lake. But the same water that keeps bugs on the surface safe, protects fish from ospreys and packs pounds on the rainbow trout.I first fished the Keno Reach of the Upper Klamath River in 1999. Since that October day, I expect big fish and always seem to hook one. Maybe I'll actually land one of the big ones someday.The last time I was on the Upper Klamath, it was with Roe Outfitters. I spent the...Read More

Lunch With a Living Legend by Judith O'Keefe

Words and photos by Judith O'KeefeThe weather was dreary, a typical March day on the North Umpqua River.  A friend and I made the five hour drive over the mountains to meet up with John, a well known author, fly tier, longtime friend and -- most importantly -- frequent visitor to this legendary and challenging river.John was a gracious host that morning, leading us to some of the easier runs, offering tips and allowing us to fish the run ahead of him.   We saw one fish roll late morning, but no one hooked up. The climate on the west side of the mountains is known to be wet, but by noon it had begun to rain in earnest, so we decided to take a break and pay a visit to John’s good friends, Fran...Read More

10 Tips to Get You Out on the Hard Water with Peter Patenaude

Peter Patenaude, a registered Maine guide, has been a Filson advocate for over six years. His blog Boot & Canoe, focuses on traditional skills and Maine’s outdoor heritage. Today, Peter shares 10 tips for a successful day of ice fishing.Exercising a small brook trout on a fly rod is a great experience; similarly, pulling one out of a hole in the ice can be just as gratifying. Winter is a long season if you are waiting and watching for it to boil over into spring. Ice fishing can be the perfect remedy for cabin fever, and offers a great excuse to get out into the cold fresh air. There are few better ways to build camaraderie among old friends or new acquaintances while fighting off the temper...Read More

The Ultimate Connection to Nature

The Ultimate Connection to Nature

Maine-based Rhon Bell of Backwoods Plaid, takes Filson on a record-setting ice fishing trip.Fishing is my ultimate connection to nature, so it's without hesitation that I agreed to a two-day ice fishing trip with long-time friend and Registered Maine Guide, Steve. Within an hour I booked a rustic cabin conveniently wedged between two remote lakes. One lake offering traditional targets of trout, salmon and white perch. The other, pickerel and bass. Most would choose to fish only waters with prized trout or salmon, but there is something to be said for fishing waters promising greater activity; we're told the bass are hungry. With fishing plans in the books - we anxiously await arrival to the ...Read More

Yellowhammers and Specks by Louis Cahill

Louis Cahill is an advertising photographer with over thirty years experience, and about as many holding a fly rod,  Louis has spent his life looking through the lens.  He’s not interested in what everyone else sees.  Find more of Louis' incredible photography and writing at Gink and Gasoline."I thought you might like these," my brother Tom holds out an old yellowed envelope. "I found them going through some of Pete's things."William Starling Cahill, who preferred to be called Pete, was my Grandfather and the man who taught me to fly fish. He's been gone for many years now but from time to time little gems that he left behind will turn up. My brother now lives in Pete's old house which puts ...Read More

Steelhead Fishing on the Grande Ronde River by Judith O'Keefe

While fly fishing on one of the West’s most famous steelhead streams, outdoor enthusiast Judith O’Keefe is reminded what makes this particular pastime so special.Photos courtesy of Kelly James.This past October, a group of eight anglers met at a cozy lodge in the Blue Mountains of Southeast Washington, just outside the tiny town of Anatone.  Besides wheat production, Anatone – named after a native Nez Perce woman - is not really on anybody’s radar screen, with one exception, those interested in fishing for steelhead. This town sits perched on the banks of one of the most famous steelhead streams in the Northwest, the Grande Ronde River.This annual gathering meant that the usual cast of chara...Read More

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