• Come by it Honestly: Born into Bull Riding, by Sam Raetz
  • Wilderness, a River, and My Old Man, by Peter Hall
  • Blue Heron Lodge, Forks, WA
  • Westland Distillery: Seattle's source for single malt whiskey

Unfailing Dads: R. Paul Hanson

Unfailing Dads: R. Paul Hanson

Father’s Day is today and at Filson many of our employees wouldn’t be the outdoors enthusiasts they’ve become without the guidance of their Dad. Our fathers have endured many early mornings and painstaking days teaching us how to cast a fly rod, fell a tree, and to safely handle an over-and-under; and we couldn’t be more grateful. Chris H. is the manager of the Filson Restoration Department -- which repairs and restores returned luggage and jackets -- and wanted to share a story of the grandfather that introduced him to Filson many years ago.

My Grandpa, R. Paul Hanson, is a legacy of hard work and stubbornness. He wore a Filson Cruiser Vest every day while working for the Timber industry in ...Read More

Unfailing Dads: Three Generations of Filson Anglers

Father's Day is right around the corner and at Filson many of our employees wouldn't be the outdoors enthusiasts they've become without the guidance of their Dad. Our fathers have endured many early mornings and painstaking days teaching us how to cast a fly rod, fell a tree, and to safely handle an over-and-under; and we couldn't be more grateful. Beth W. is our copywriter and shares a story of appreciation for the man that taught her how to fish.My Dad taught me how to fish when I was basically a toddler. The earliest memories I have are of him showing me how to set a line, the difference between the current and a strike, and how to de-barb my hooks. At almost every major junction in my li...Read More

Father's Day on Lake Michigan with Kristen Monroe

Growing up in a family of hunters & fishermen led Kristen Monroe of OutdoorNews.com to have a deep passion for the outdoors. Kristen celebrated Father's Day by fishing with her family on beautiful Lake Michigan.A new tie, the latest gadget, or a new fishing lure are all familiar gifts a dad might receive on Father’s day. As I get older, I realize it’s not the tangible items that create the best memories and the biggest smiles. It’s the time and thought that goes into the gift. This year, I took my well-deserved father, Phil Durbin, and children on a fishing charter on Lake Michigan.My father has taken me fishing hundreds of times throughout the years. Waking up before the before the birds st...Read More

Father-Daughter Fly Fishing in Montana with Harley Viera Newton

In honor of Father's Day, we join avid fly fisher and Filson fan, Harley Viera-Newton, on a family fly fishing tradition in Montana. Every summer I go on a father-daughter fly fishing trip to Great Falls, Montana. We've been going for five years now, and each year we stay at the same little lodge run by our fishing guide, Arnie. We wake up at 6am every day, eat a big breakfast, and then spend the day hiking out to beautiful rivers. Most of the week we don't see another human on the rivers all day. The fishing is great and we are surrounded by endlessly stunning nature. Sometimes we are joined by badgers, beavers, and elk - but luckily no bears yet. Can't wait until this summer! [gallery colu...Read More

Father's Day Contest Winner: A Father Above All by Kyle Elliott

For our 2nd Annual Father's Day Contest on Facebook we asked our fans to submit a story with us on why they admire their fathers. Kyle Elliott from Pennsylvania shared his memories of his father and why he admires him. When I was younger I remember those nights where I’d say goodnight to my father and he’d tell me " This is your goodnight for the next 3 nights because I won’t see you till then.” I never really understood what he went through back then, I just knew that my father wasn’t going to be around for days at a time. I can only imagine what my mother had to go through taking care of me and my sister on her own for prolonged periods of time because of his absence. Now that I’m older, I...Read More

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