In the Woods with a Purpose: Shed Hunting with Elias Carlson

Searching for the shed antlers of elk, deer and moose is another way to add to the enjoyment of exploring the wild. In this Filson Life photo essay, Elias Carlson reminisces about how he got hooked on shed hunting near Priest Lake, Idaho.Elias is a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Theresa is his wife, partner-in-crime, and an incredible adventure buddy. She also happens to be pretty handy with a camera. See more of their work on or on Instagram (@eliascarlson / @theresacarlson). Steve, lifelong best-friend of my father-in-law, is my kind of guy: laid-back, clever in an understated way, and easy to get along with. The kind of person you become friends with effortl...Read More