Rodney Johns bought his first pair of Filson bibs back in college when money was a little short. 18 years later and those bibs have seen more than most people, he is thankful every time he gets out in the field that he made the purchase. While back in college I used to pass a local retail store in Columbia MO that I knew carried the Filson line. I believe it was a friend who first told me about filson, but I thought of this each time I drove past the store. One day while I had some time I stopped in and discovered a rack of what they considered odd sized clothes drastically discounted. Basically if you were really skinny or really large it was the holy grail of hunting clothes. I purchased a pair of shelter cloth bib overalls on that day. I remember thinking as a student that this was quite an expensive purchase for something to go hunting in but I had to give them a try. I wore them on my hunt that weekend with my almost one year old bird dog. I was amazed how easily I was able to cut through heavy brush and get around without being stuck by the usual briars and burs. It was great how durable and comfortable these new bibs were. Welll needless to say I continued to enjoy those bibs and am happy to say I enjoy them still to this day. 18 years later! You never think about a pair of pants or clothing out living your beloved bird dog, but I ended up burying my Brittany Spaniel a couple of year ago that went with me on the first hunting trip in my Filson bibs. I read about Filson brief cases and things that "went 100's or even thousands" of miles. Most were riding in a car or plane. I however am proud to say my Filson bibs were not so lucky. My bibs have been drug through brush, cattails, briars, and the harshest conditions some 4 states or more could throw at me. A barb wire fence did create a pretty heavy tear on one pant leg a few years ago but overall these pants have outlasted anything I could have imagined. Im sorry to say my matching coat I bought blew out of a tote in my truck one time, but these bibs remain with me and are used to this day. I always like to give credit to companies that do something right and will tell you this one thing. "spend the money and only cry once", I'm glad I did.