Elizabeth Foxley remembers back fondly on the day when she bought her husband a Filson jacket. "Money well spent," she says. Hi Filson Folks, I knew it was time when I saw my husband's wool cape shirt jacket rolled up on top of the washing machine instead of hanging on his hook by the door. It's been looking a little careworn for awhile, but I wondered when he would really let it go. Of course I couldn't help but think back to the day 15 odd years ago when I bought that jacket for him under the elk horn arch in downtown (all one block of it!) Afton, Wyoming. It sure seemed like a lot of money at the time. We had just started farming and he was feeding elk in winter for the game and fish. I knew he'd be spending most everyday from here on out in everything Wyoming could throw at him. He never did ask me how much it cost, but I could see how happy he was with the coat by the fact that he wore it unceasingly! Well, it didn't take long to realize that the 'splurge' on the coat was actually some good money spent! It has warmed him through countless early morning milkings, snowy spring vegetable harvests, middle of the night calving and more. I think it's the fence fixing that ultimately did it in, though. We're now farming just north of Seattle, on the Stillaguamish river. I'm looking forward to visiting the new outlet in Mount Vernon. I know now that the Filson motto isn't just another cute Madison avenue ploy - its sound advice! PS I just have to add the cutest thing I saw a few weeks ago: Our 10 year old son wants to be just like dad, of course. He's always on the lookout for just the right hat, work gloves, etc. so I wasn't entirely surprised that when I logged on to the computer I saw the most recent google search was 'Filson for kids'. He was hoping.... Too cute!