Scott Linden of Wingshooting USA is a dear friend of Filson who has taught us many shooting tips and lessons in the field over the years. Scott helps us find more birds by scoping out their water sources in today’s lesson. Bird hunting is tough. Tougher without a dog. If you’re between dogs – or for some unfathomable reason choose not to own one, you’ll find more birds by thinking like a fisherman and trolling for them. Game birds would often rather sit tight than fly if they think you'll pass by. Given the choices (run, fly, or freeze), holding still is a pretty good option. No avian predators, no teeth, fangs or claws can wreak their havoc when you’re hunkered under a buffalo berry bush. So move slowly just like you're in your boat, and stop every few yards. Birds may think you've found them and panic into flight. Trollers vary their speed with direction changes. Make your bird-hunting route a zigzag, too. If you’re stealthy, all the better. A bird that can’t quite figure out exactly where you are because you’re quiet is a bird ready to panic – into the air. On the surface these unorthodox tactics may make more sense for fishermen, but you'll get over it when you put more birds in the bag.