When our own Harry Egler sees sunshine, you can guarantee he will seize it will some good wholesome fishing. Along with his son, Harry spent the holiday weekend with a little Summer fishing at the Deschutes River. Naturally, he wore Filson waders to really get in where the good stuff was. I work at Filson and love to field test our gear - especially when it involves fishing. This past weekend, my son graduated from law school and he and I wanted to hit the Deschutes river for the Salmon Fly hatch before the graduation ceremony. We hit it just right. Weather, fishing and scenery were all spectacular. The Redside trout were big and fat - they have a real feast with all the Salmon flies and Golden Stone flies available - they were thick! They clearly favored Golden Stone files and would aggressively hit them. Nothing like dry fishing in the spectacular Deschutes river. The weather was great most of the time, but there was still some rain at times. It's been a cool spring and coming home over Mt. Hood in the snow was clear evidence. Water was high, but if you can cast in tight quarters, it didn't matter. I always come back to this river - the Deschutes is truly magical! More photos on Flickr!