Joseph Wallace has been adding Filson gear to his closet for 15 years now. With winter around the corner, he is getting his Filson wool ready for the cold months in Michigan. I bought the Filson Wool Packer hat about 15 years ago. It served me very well in late fall to late spring sleet, snow, and cold rain. I bought the vest shortly after and have had many years of comfortable hunting and ice fishing with that warm Mackinaw vest on. Last December my wife bought me a Double Mackinaw Cruiser coat. THAT put a whole new spin on winter comfort. Snow blowing, ice fishing on Lake Superior, and various other winter activities are far from painfull now. I spent 24 hours out in the sleet and snow last spring and from the bottom of that coat to the top of my head was warm and DRY. My wife is getting tired of hearing me say "I love that coat.” I always tell people to "invest in wool" and your wool clothing is well worth every dollar spent. Looks good and feels great!