Our own Amy Terai tells her story of finding her way around the field with expert help from good friend, Scott Linden. She ended up with a few pheasants, a new confidence and special memories that she will never forget.


Bird Hunting has always fascinated me, especially the dogs involvement in the activity. A few

months ago, the only “bird” I was comfortable shooting was a clay pigeon. But that has all


A dear friend of ours, Scott Linden, invited me out for my first pheasant hunt at Double

Barrel Ranch in Rockford, WA.  I was fortunate to be

with a great group of guys from Happy Jack and TruckVault. The morning of my first hunt, I was a little intimidated and

didn’t know if I was ready to down a rooster. Scott and Ron, the owner of Double Barrel,

briefed me on safety and made me feel at ease that there wasn’t any pressure for me to

shoot a bird. They just wanted me to experience the hunt and enjoy my time in the field!

The minute we walked into the brush the Griffons we were hunting behind got really

birdie…tails were twisting like crazy. Twenty yards in, they went on point. I was in awe

of the natural hunting instinct of these dogs. The pheasant flushed and down went the

beautiful pheasant. I recollected my thoughts and realized I was ready to give it a

shot…literally. That day I shot a few roosters and I was completely giddy about it. After

a day in the field, the good people of Double Barrel Ranch celebrated my first kill with a

champagne toast that I will remember forever.