Hey all you anglers out there! How important to you is having roadless areas to fish on? We all know that the key to finding the best catch is off the beaten path. Kirk Deeter, of Field and Stream, will walk for miles to find the spot. Now in Colorado, the United States Department of Agriculture is debating whether to implement more access to these more exclusive areas.  Kirk writes about the opportunities for anglers to bring awareness on how this could affect the quality of fishing in the state. Today is the last day that the public can comment in favor or preserving roadless areas. You can click here  to learn more about roadless issues from Colorado Trout Unlimited. “This is especially true in Colorado. Here, 12 of the 15 most hunted game management units (the most productive ones) have over 100,000 acres of roadless wilderness. More than 70 percent of Colorado River Cutthroat trout habitat is in roadless areas.” What do you think?