Today is a big day around Filson HQ. Mostly because “around Filson HQ” took on an entirely new meaning as of this morning, when we unveiled our state-of-the-art Seattle headquarters and manufacturing facility. The new 57,400 square-foot factory, showroom and corporate headquarters is in a converted warehouse downtown, two blocks away from Safeco Field. It’s a massive space, with wrought iron beams, dark wood floors, and tons of light. The layout even features interior windows so the new luggage and bag factory is visible from all areas of the first floor. We’ve been manufacturing in Seattle since 1897, and while we’re keeping our apparel factory open a few blocks away, this new facility is our way of doubling down on the Pacific Northwest while expanding our global distribution and elevating the brand. Our CEO, Alan Kirk, said it best: “This expansion furthers our 116 year commitment to our customers to provide unfailing goods that allows them to do what they love in the outdoors.” Filson products are made with integrity, dedication and skill, all of which makes them built to last. And as always, all products come with a lifetime guarantee. That’s the Made In Seattle way. Filson - Seattle Headquarters - Exterior [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="4010,4011,3996,3985,3986,3984"]