If you love nature, the outdoors, frosty mornings or cool evenings then you will love Filson. If you hunted with dad or grandpa or read about the hunts of the past then you experienced the comfort simplicity and tradition of wool. You saw the red/black wool coat the first morning of the hunt, or worn around the evening campfire. If you drink coffee and walk with your dog, Filson will be perfect for you. If you love to share a morning with your husband, wife or friend on a slope or by the river or in a fresh snowfall you will love Filson. There is something instinctive to the soul of an outdoors enthusiast that likes the qualities that are natural. When I discovered a Filson Tin Cloth hunting coat, in a sporting goods store, it was an instant match. Twenty-some years later and I can't part with that coat. This purchase led me to your catalog and I knew I needed the Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. I had a young family and money was tight so I could only dream. I saved until I could justify the purchase. For many years this coat has been a comfort on walks and camping trips. It has kept me warm on many all-day sits in the woods, waiting for the right deer. It carries the smell of wood smoke from evenings around the campfire and it looks good on trips to town. It's really pretty simple if you like natural fibers, if you want quality, if you find comfort in the tradition of wool and cherish memories form the past then you will love Filson. I will hang on to my Mackinaw Cruiser as long as I can spend a day in the woods or drink a cup of coffee by a stream. Share your own memories about your Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. We want to hear who wore it, where it’s been and how it performed for you. You can include photos or not. If you just want to send a photo, that’s OK, too. We will go through all the stories and select the best. The winner will receive a free new Mackinaw Cruiser. Click here to enter.