A number of years ago I bought a Mackinaw Cruiser in Duluth, Minnesota on the way to a vacation on the North Shore. It turned out to be my "go to" jacket for most activities in late fall and winter. I had it broken in and feeling just right. Fast forward a few years and one of my sons was in college and taking odd jobs to get through school. After an icy winter storm he was hired by a tree service to help with some clean up from downed trees and branches. My son borrowed my Cruiser for the job. While he was working, he got a little over heated, took off the cruiser, laid it on top of the wood chipper...sure enough it got snagged by a branch and ended up going through the wood chipper! The cruiser was tough, but not tough enough for a trip through a wood chipper. I have other winter coats with modern fabrics and technology, but I still prefer the feel and heft of a good wool coat. If you don't send a Filson Cruiser through a wood chipper, the coat will last a lifetime. Outstanding quality! Share your own memories about your Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. We want to hear who wore it, where it’s been and how it performed for you. You can include photos or not. If you just want to send a photo, that’s OK, too. We will go through all the stories and select the best. The winner will receive a free new Mackinaw Cruiser. Click here to enter.