I saw your recent promotion to give $60 trade in my Mackinaw Wool Cruiser. Based on my experience I doubt you will get many takers. My red/black double Mackinaw is about 20 years old and still looks like it just came out of the box. Since I have gained 20lbs in 20 years I can't bundle up as much underneath it, but with just a wool shirt on it still fits great. If there were a way to magically turn it from a 48L to a 50L that would be good but there is no way I would trade it in (would be like losing a good friend). If the coat could tell stories it would tell of going to winter Dog Sled School in upper Michigan, a dude ranch in fall in Montana and multiple spring/fall canoe trips in upper Michigan. The coat would tell of the many, many past fine nights at the campfire with friends and with predict of going hiking this fall at the Grand Canyon. It would tell of being regularly selected from among the owner’s other coats due to its comfort/utility (due to time tested design) plus its great looks. It might also mention that it rarely sees another Filson, and maybe that’s because most people can’t recognize the value in high quality and have no experience with the best. Share your own memories about your Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. We want to hear who wore it, where it’s been and how it performed for you. You can include photos or not. If you just want to send a photo, that’s OK, too. We will go through all the stories and select the best. The winner will receive a free new Mackinaw Cruiser. Click here to enter.