A couple of years ago my uncle and I went camping in Upstate New York. It was mid-January and the temperature was in the teens. On the first night I was drinking hot chocolate and spilled it all over my jacket. Within a moment’s notice, my uncle came back from his car with his old Mackinaw Cruiser. He said he kept it for times like this, as he clenched his newer one he had on. After putting it on I felt a relief from the cold winter breeze. That night I even slept in it. I was able to enjoy the rest of my weekend comfortably because my uncle always kept his stable Filson jacket in his car. The only negative I had about the Mackinaw Cruiser was that my feet were cold the whole weekend. Share your own memories about your Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. We want to hear who wore it, where it’s been and how it performed for you. You can include photos or not. If you just want to send a photo, that’s OK, too. We will go through all the stories and select the best. The winner will receive a free new Mackinaw Cruiser. Click here to enter.