My son is the proud owner of a Filson Mackinaw but lives in sunny California where Mackinaw wearing is a bit of an overkill. A couple of Christmases ago he came to visit me in Vermont. With delight he donned his Mackinaw to guard against the frosty Vermont cold (where we have 10 months of winter and a couple of months of rough sledding). I got a license to hunt a national forest evergreen and we braved the snowy Vermont wilderness with hatchet in hand. I took this photo of him looking majestic in his Mackinaw. Although it was snowing mightily and we had to ford an icy river (actually a stream, to be more truthful), we found a tree, cut it down, and stuffed into the vehicle for manly decorating over hot cocoa while his Mackinaw dried by the fire. Fortunately for me, my son saw that I was bereft of such warmth and gifted to me my own Mackinaw the following Christmas. Huzzah! What a gift! This coat was made for this country.   Share your own memories about your Filson Mackinaw Cruiser. We want to hear who wore it, where it’s been and how it performed for you. You can include photos or not. If you just want to send a photo, that’s OK, too. We will go through all the stories and select the best. The winner will receive a free new Mackinaw Cruiser. Click here to enter.