Ever Since I turned 14, I've owned a Filson Mackinsaw Cruiser. My Dad bought one for me for Christmas that year, he said to me" Might as well have the Best". I used it as every season came about. Here in Louisville, KY out winters are long and cold. So it keeps me completely safe and keeps the warmth in. Now I'm 20 years old. And I'm a traveling Polaroid photographer. I usually pack up the car with my Filson Medium Field bag and Filson Briefcase and hit the road. And when the season comes my Mackinsaw Cruiser in with me too. Mine is still alive and incredibly well, and one day when my son Levi grows up and can fit into it, he'll wear it. I realized it was time for a new one when my wrist were showing out of the sleeves. I'm excited to start fresh with a new Mackinsaw Cruiser to build a new story. I'm just glad Filson gives me the opportunity to make that happen.