If Gary is out in the river, which is often, he’s wearing his Filson Strap Vest. I bought a Filson Strap Vest for flyfishing years ago. Over the years I've been given fly fishing vests and have bought 'new' and 'improved' fly fishing vests. I just keep going back to my Filson Strap Vest. In a world where 'new and better' becomes a monthly catchword, even in the world of fly fishing, I still keep returning to my old friend...my Filson Strap Vest. I also have two Filson Waist Pack's. Waist and Lumber packs are becoming all the rage in fly fishing these days...but my Filsons will forever fill the bill. Once I have my Filson Tackle Pack, my fly fishing gear collection will be complete...forever! Thanks Filson for your awesome TIMELESS fly fishing products!