First off, thank you to all of you who were a part of our Father’s Day Facebook photo contest. It was a tough decision to make, as all of our participants contributed inspirational photos and memories. We would like to congratulate our grand prize winner, Jon Franko, for his submission “Two Kings and a Queen!” Thank you for sharing, Jon, and we hope that your new Filson product will take part in your future family traditions.

My dad says the dog, Queen Dolly of Dorchester, wasn’t worth a damn during the hunt. But “boy oh boy” was she a welcome and warm presence on the couch afterwards.

As for my grandfather, he just loved to go – whether or not the dog was good, whether or not there were even birds. To him, it was about reminiscing to a simpler time. It was about a thermos full of coffee and a breakfast that he couldn’t tell grandma about. It was about college football on the AM dial all the way home. And college football on the tv once he got there.

This photo hangs in my home office. It reminds me daily of the two most important men in my life and how they could find joy even in an empty game pouch.

To my dad, Happy Father’s Day. Grandpa – what I’d do to spend one more with you.

Thanks to both of you for introducing the outdoors into my life. Rest assured, I’ll pay it forward.