Filson-Hunting-RudyMalmquist-14Rudy Malmquist is a photographer and web designer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Follow as he documents a DeYoung family tradition on a rainy, late-season hunt. 3 generations of the DeYoung family sweep a sorghum field on a rainy late-fall morning in West Michigan. Perry DeYoung grew up hunting & fishing with his father, Darwin.  Almost every free moment he had as a child was spend outside in the woods.  He was outdoors so much that he doesn’t have many memories of Saturday morning cartoons like most of us, but of being dragged out of bed at o’dark-thiry to duck hunt, pheasant hunt, or fish.  During this time, he developed a great respect and love of the outdoors that he is passing down to his boys, Max and Burton, one Saturday at a time. There were plenty of birds that day, enough for everyone to be satisfied. Perry is an accomplished field dog trainer as well, and his aging dog Rok accompanied them on this outing.  He was in his element that day, exuding joy, if thats possible from an animal. For this is the DeYoung culture. And the tradition. And the celebration. And it continues.