Scott Linden is a good friend of Filson and we value his insight and expertise in the hunting industry. You always learn something when you are around him. We invited to guest blog on FilsonLife so you could be a part of his teachings, too. Some say when I grow a beard I resemble my dog Buddy … too much. Take a look at the photo of us and judge for yourself. Others say I have a face for radio (did that for 20 years), and you might agree. But Buddy knows that my face can help him become a better hunter, and its one insight I’ll share with you at the upcoming Filson “Bird Hunting Boot Camp” seminar I’m doing at the Seattle store on July 23. Bird dogs key in on your body’s most visible, brightest component – your face. A cooperative dog will want to move to your front, upwind and where the birds are, keeping your face behind him. So how do you use this to your advantage? Look in the direction you want your dog to go. To change direction just turn that way. When you need a strong retrieve direct him with your face, not by walking around in the brush. It keeps your scent out of the area, but still puts him where the bird fell. And take off those dark glasses. Your eyes are not just the window to your soul, but the key to communicating with your dog. Like Buddy, your dog may not have the best taste in owners, but if it helps him hunt, your face may be the best thing he’s seen all day. (You can watch a lot of these insights and observations in video form, at – search for “Buddy & Me.”)