In an attempt to conquer his long time dreams, Tommy Ellis, recently crafted a bucket list. Tommy has every intention of checking this list off because as he recently learned, with a little help from your friends anything is possible. Bucket lists, what a fun way to take a look at what you hope to do. I had been reading some from my friends and fellow bloggers and finally decided to do one of my own. At first it was going to be a tongue in cheek list just for fun but I thought people would want to know what my true hopes were. With each new entry I would start to see the trip, work out what it would take to make it happen and spend some time working it out on paper. A thought started to become a reality, a goal, something that with given time I could achieve. I know many put down things that are and will be dreams which is the fun of a bucket list but I decided to keep mine within the realm possibility. I am pretty sure I won’t go into space, although that would be fun, or dive in the ocean to discover new life, so I left them out. Other things went in and luckily when some friends of mine read them they let me know that they could help make some of them happen. Here are a few of mine some of which I will check off soon: Reach double digits in deer one year (Tennessee has a huge limit, over 300) Take a 300+ lb hog with good cutters Take multiple hogs in one day Catch a sturgeon Catch a muskie Catch a pike Catch and release a big shark Make a 1000 yard shot with a muzzleloader Take a deer or hog with a muzzle loading pistol Catch a cobia Catch a big snook Catch a Giant grouper I have a trip scheduled that hopefully will take care of the large hog and multiple hogs in one day. A friend found out about my list, so he is providing everything for me to see what we can get on a hog hunt. I also have standing invitations to several states to try for some of the other things on my list. Maybe taking the time to write down what we hope to do is a way to start to make them happen. Someone reads it and says, “Hey, I had no idea you wanted to do that. I have a buddy that can set it up for you.” Or perhaps they might be able to do it themselves and share in your adventure which is what is happening to me. Now I will have the memories of doing what was a dream with the added bonus of a friend coming along. A piece of paper, a pen, some time for thought and reflection can turn into amazing adventures  once they come together. The simple act of making your list can set things in motion to experience things other folks will only wish they had done. Jump from a plane, sail on the ocean, travel or catch that trout you always wanted to, make your list and then share it with others. You may be surprised to see where it takes you.