Our next guest blogger Mikael Kennedy comes to you from New York city, as a talented photographer he is always on the go, hopping around from the city to the country with his Filson medium field bag for shoots. In his next blog post Mikael takes you on the road with him and fills you in on what he keeps in his Filson bag – in the city vs. the country.

What’s in your bag?

Photo Credit: Mikael Kennedy

City vs. Country

Every bag serves a different purpose: One for wandering the roads of New Mexico working on 'The Odysseus' series and one for running around the streets of NYC between meetings and photo shoots.

New York City, 2007 (Polaroid) from "Shoot the Moon" courtesy of Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art, NY ©Mikael Kennedy 2007

City Bag

ipad (portable photo portfolio)

Custom case for ipad made out of vintage Cub Scouts pack


Polaroid SX70 (never leave home without it)

Polaroid 779 Film (exp. 2008)

Notebook & Pen

Rayban Caravan Sunglasses

Currently reading “Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch” By Henry Miller

[caption align="aligncenter" width="580" caption="Photo Credit: Mikael Kennedy "][/caption]

"The Road to Lama" from the series 'The Odysseus' ©Mikael Kennedy 2007

Country Bag:

Mamiya 7

5 Rolls Fujicolor Pro400 Film

Polaroid SX70

3 Packs Polaroid 779 Film (exp. 2008)

Notebook & Pen

Sekonic Flashmate lightmeter