Our next guest blogger, Mikael Kennedy, comes to you from New York City. As a talented photographer, he is always on the go, escaping from the city to calmer ground with his Filson tote and camera. In his first blog post, Mikael takes you along on his Thursday afternoon escape to Fort Tilden - and behind the lens of his camera. How do you escape the heat and commotion of the city in the Summer? The goal of summer in NYC is to be in the city as little as possible, that’s actually my goal in NYC year round, but sometimes it’s hard to make the full escape of a trip north into the woods of New England. Luckily, there are few secret spots within an hour or so of the city that can make you quickly forget you live with 8 million people in the most populous city in the USA.  One of my favorite escapes is to throw a blanket and a few towels in my Filson Tote and head out to Fort Tilden for the day. I had originally picked up the Filson tote to use as a city bag but that lasted about a week until my girlfriend decided to make it hers. Still, it makes a fantastic beach bag that you can throw over your shoulder and hike around with. Fort Tilden once started out as a secret beach, rumored about in the bars of Brooklyn late at night, has now become an overwhelming popular place to be on the weekends, but on a Thursday afternoon the beach is virtually empty and you can find yourself a quite little spot to hide out in for the day.  Broken up by a mid-afternoon run into the Rockaways right down the road for the best fish tacos around at Rockaway Taco, you can then return to the beach and spend your afternoon exploring the paths through the sand dunes that lead up to the abandoned fort or swim in the always chilly Atlantic waters before you climb back on your bike or into your car and ride back into the concrete jungle.