We've come a long way since 1897 when C.C. Filson met the rugged clothing needs of loggers and gold miners. OK, now fast forward to 2012, where is the need now? What is the cry from the wilderness? Who are the new prospectors and sportsmen? Dennis Lynch Hosts a BBQ First, let's make a list of what C.C. Filson's dream has delivered over the years: 1. Meshing with the great outdoors 2. Helping us enjoy the company of others outdoors in comfort and style 3. Helping us pursue and enjoy nature's beauty 4. Always being dressed with function and style in mind When you tic off the numbers above, you just might find yourself outside, grilling a steak, sipping a cold beverage with your friends...that's an idea! A whole line of Filson Bar-B-Que equipment. Sure, now our Yukon Gold might come in the form of potato salad, and out lumberjacking might consist of putting another log on the smoker, but one can imagine oneself pitted (pun intended) against a roaring fire, inclement weather, and a huge hunk of meat while in the company of friends, smoking, deep frying, grilling, whatever. Man (or woman) against nature. It still works! A Filson Inspired BBQ Now page through a Filson catalog or scroll through the website. How many things could morph from the duck blind to the fire pit? How many items could enhance the grilling experience? Tin cloth, feather cloth, it all works. OK, maybe not a photo op of a roasting whole pig with a Filson bumper in its mouth on the catalog cover. I don't want old C.C. spinning in his grave. I only want to remind you that the only think you can do wrong with your Filson gear is leaving it hanging in the closet.