Filson Life guest blogger Dennis Lynch is one traveling man. He's been on the road for the last 8 weeks scoping out the finest thoroughbreds for the Fasig-Tipton Kentucky horse sales this summer.  Ever wonder what a man like himself packs for these long hauls? A whole lot of Filson gear, Dennis takes us in his suitcase and on the road with him through this incredible journey.

1 wheeled carry-on

1 travel Kit

1 twill travel bag

1 20 pocket travel vest

4 lightweight chambray shirts

1 antique tin cloth blazer

2 heavy weight pique polo shirts

2 pair lightweight travel pants

1 Filson orange ball cap

2 pairs of Filson shorts


Armed with the above list of Filson products I have spent the last eight weeks on the

road. The main objective was trying to locate and identify promising Thoroughbred

yearlings and recruit them for sale at the Fasig-Tipton Kentucky and Saratoga New

York sales in July and August, respectively.



The 25th of February found me boarding a flight to Detroit connecting through

Amsterdam and landing in Doha, Qatar. (A later blog will detail an interesting Filson

happening in the airport in Amsterdam.) The Qatar trip was to make contacts in the

rapidly expanding Thoroughbred business there. Thoroughbreds were the main

attraction, but camels, falcons, and Saluki hounds also played a role.


The first week of March we were inspecting horses in South Carolina and Georgia.

Some wonderful low-country fare was enjoyed there. The second week was a flight to

Oklahoma City with driving stops at ranches through Oklahoma, Louisiana, and ending

up outside of Houston, Texas. Wonderful Cajun cuisine was enjoyed outside of

Lafayette, Louisiana. Back to Lexington and Niece Shannon’s St. Patrick’s day

wedding. (No Filson gear was used, nor any damaged at this event.) Palm Beach

Florida followed up the wedding for the 2-year-old in training sale. Prominent use of

Filson shorts and polo shirts.  Lexington for a day and then a flight to Baltimore for Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware,

and New Jersey inspections. Everywhere it is SPRINGTIME! We have been fortunate

to be following the bloom of the daffodils and forsythia, redbuds and dogwoods moving

North from Florida, Louisiana the Carolinas, Georgia, and Mid-Atlantic regions. Not

much floral display in Qatar.











Miles and miles of beautiful farmland being plowed earlier due to the early spring in

most parts of the country. April began in San Diego driving north with stops in

Temecula, Chino, Lake Piru, Santa Ynez, Colinga, Pleasanton, and all through the San

Joaquin Valley, certainly one of the most fertile growing regions in all the world. Groves

of pistachios, almonds, kiwis, oranges, avocados, fields of cotton and strawberries.

Flew out of San Francisco after a beautiful, delicious dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Back to Kentucky and then to Ocala Florida one day later. 35 farms stops in 2 1/2 days.

Next week will include upstate New York and then home to start on the Kentucky

inspections. Through all this, plane flights, rental cars, hotel check ins and outs, miles

and miles of countryside, all make and manner or horses, dogs, cattle, chickens, row

crops and blooming flora my Filson gear was always rough and always ready. The one

day stops at home always included washing and drying the clothes, and then back in

the carry on.


It’s hectic, but I feel like I’m the luckiest guy in the world with the best job. I couldn’t ask

for better or more practical gear then Filson to keep me on track.