While we all have wonderful fishing holes, rivers and lakes in our hometown states, but sometimes it's nice to get out and see what else is out there. And we can tell you, there is a whole lot.  Ben Smith of Arizona Wanderings helps you prep for an out-of-state fishing trip with the buddies. Safe travel! Last summer, I had a great opportunity to head up out of the Arizona heat to the float the Deschutes River in Oregon, with my good friend, Eric. Since this was a do-it-yourself fly fishing trip, it was absolutely important that I show up with all the gear that I needed. Here is the list that I drew up that served me very well on our 4-day float down the river. Fishing gear - I had a good idea of the type of fishing I was going to be doing, and with a little help from my contact there, I was able to pack accordingly. 2 Rods 2 Reels 3 Fly boxes (dries/streamers/nymphs) Leaders Tippet Forceps Gink Indicators Split-shot Camera Sunglasses Flashlight/headlamp

Clothing - We were planning on being on the river for 4 day and I would have access to a washing machine at the end of the trip. Waders Wading boots 1 pair of fleece wading pants Hiking boots Flip-flops (camp shoes) Goretex jacket Beanie Ball cap 2-3 handkerchiefs 1 jeans 1 shorts 6 t-shirts fleece 2 sets of thermals boxers and socks   Miscellaneous - These items were easier to get/borrow once I was at my location. License Sunscreen Bugspray Sleeping gear Food Dry bag (for river travel)   What would you add to this list? For more fishing and hunting tips from Ben Smith click here.