Several years ago my husband Verne and I decided to get into bird hunting. Within the first year, we quickly realized that without a dog, the birds you will find are few and far between. Now unfortunately we had a problem, Verne is allergic to dogs. Therefore, we had to find a hunting dog that didn’t shed. After some research we discovered The Irish Water Spaniel and a Seattle area breeder named Tim Ufkes who provided us with our dog Templeton comes from across the pond, but that is another story. Now that we had a dog we realized that when you have a dog, he or she can get into some pretty rough cover - so now we needed gear. We started with some oiled tin cloth chaps...and now we had a dog. We had birds, and we needed a place to put them - hence the vest...the list goes on, mackinaw coat, vest, pants. I guess we like Filson, great quality, super functional gear.