Roy Lippman - Filson to the Rescue Freezing conditions and a daunting midnight rescue operation push Roy Lippman to the limits.  Learn how the Fire Department engineer saved a man's life after falling 100 feet in to a mineshaft at the bottom of Meteor Crater in Arizona.  Thanks to Roy for his heroics and for sharing this incredible story with us.  We are glad we could be of service to this great man, and that everyone involved made it out safe and sound. To Whom It May Concern: My name is Roy Lippman, and I'm an engineer with the Flagstaff Fire Department in Arizona.  I'm also part of an 18 person regional response Technical Rescue Team with the fire department.  We have a heavy rescue type response vehicle, and are equipped to handle all types of rescues including: high angle, canyon, trench, confined space, building collapse, swift water, and more.  Our team is starting to become better equipped with personal gear to handle any of these situations during various types of weather.  However, we do not currently have any protective pants issued to us. A few weeks back, I was involved in a dramatic rescue of a man who jumped into a 100' deep mine shaft in the bottom of Meteor Crater.  Based on the conditions we were faced with, I made the decision to wear my own personal Filson Oil Finish Tin Pants which I've owned for years and love.  It turns out they might have been absolutely crucial in my success at this rescue.  Not only did they protect me from the cold (sub-zero temperature and snow blowing sideways), but I was also getting raked over sharp metal edges and dirt and rock during the rescue.  My own personal pair was actually destroyed due to them becoming soaked in blood from our victim.  But, those pants saved me! Needless to say, my pants got a lot of attention from my teammates, and we may be looking into buying 18 or more pairs of Filson pants for our team! Thank you, Roy Lippman Has your Filson gear gone through similar circumstances?  Let us know in the comments below, these types of stories make our jobs worth doing!